Classes I Teach and Oversee

At the undergraduate level, I have designed and taught one of the Department of Communication’s new large lecture courses, COMM 3115: Communicating Science, Health, and Environment. This course introduces students to the important role that communication plays in public perceptions of highly technical topics, and it surveys on-going lines of research in these areas.  COMM 3115 serves as a valuable prerequisite for other, more specialized classes that I teach on strategic health communication, health and public policy rhetoric, and argumentation.  I also teach an undergraduate course on strategic feminist communication.

I am also the sequence coordinator for the Department of Communication’s undergraduate emphasis in Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication, and the program coordinator for the department’s Interdisciplinary Certificate in Health Communication.

At the graduate level, I teach a range of seminars focusing on qualitative, rhetorical, and mixed research methods, as well as on rhetorical theory, history, science communication, and public health.