Below you will find copies of my journal articles in pdf format, as well as links to my book publications and interviews in Vibrant Voices, Communication Currents, and The Critical Lede.


Jensen, R. E. (2016). Infertility: Tracing the history of a transformative term. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press.

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Publications–Journal Articles

Jensen, R. E., Parks, M. M., Mann, B. W., Maison, K., & Krall, M. A. (in-press). Mapping Nature’s scientist: The posthumous demarcation of Rosalind Franklin and her crystallographic data. Quarterly Journal of Speech.

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Publications–Book Chapters

Singer, S., Bloom-Pojar, R., Dubriwny, T., Kinney, T., McFarlane, M. Murawski, C., Stockwell, J., & Jensen R. E. (2018). Reevaluating our commitments: Intersectionality, interdisciplinarity, and the future of feminist rhetoric. In J. Rice, & C. Graham (Eds.), Rhetoric’s Change. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.

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Publications–Review Essays

Jensen, R. E. (2008). Women’s rhetoric in history: A process-oriented turn and continued recovery. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 94, 100-112.

Publications–Book Reviews

Jensen, R. E. (2019). [Review of the book Reimagining Advocacy: Rhetorical Education in the Legal Clinic]. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 105, 235-239.

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Links to Interviews and Discussion of my Work

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Invited Author                                    Vibrant Voices of Public Address                                 Sept. 2012

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Invited Author                                    Communication Currents, vol. 6                                  June 2011

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