Category: Emily Krebs

NCA 2019 Conference in Baltimore, MD

We had a grand showing at this year’s NCA! Melissa Parks received the Benson-Campbell Dissertation Research Award from the Public Address Division, and our research team presented three competitively selected papers–two of which were highlighted on top paper panels (ARSTM and the American Studies Division).

Winter Break Writing Retreat 2019–Chemical Rhetoric Takes on Public Libraries in Salt Lake City

Right before heading into the spring semester, we braved the cold to spend one day at the downtown Salt Lake City library and one day at the Marmalade branch of the city library. It was great changing up our surroundings a bit and, of course, working on our research projects.

Chemical Rhetoric Takes on Friday Night

Last Friday night, Melissa Parks, Madison Krall, and Emily Krebs took over one of our lecture halls to analyze documents. From all accounts, they absolutely lit the place up with their on-point analysis and witty repartee, not to mention their array of post-its, highlighters, and La Croix.  Way to teach us all how to live-it-up…

2018 NCA Conference Brings Many Top Paper Recognitions for Current and Former Students!

My current and former students are amazing! At the 2018 National Communication Association Conference in Salt Lake City, they earned a mind-boggling number of top paper recognitions. Melissa L. Carrion, my former PhD student and now an assistant professor at Georgia Southern University, won the Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine’s Article…

Park City Writing Retreat 2018

Scenes from our 2018 Park City Writing Retreat!  Benjamin Mann, Melissa Parks, Kourtney Maison, Madison Krall, Emily Krebs and I spend these last few days analyzing primary sources, brainstorming, writing, re-writing, and accomplishing a ton of research goals. We also laughed, ate, and tried to figure out how to turn the malfunctioning fire alarm off…