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Melissa Parks Serves as a Fellow at the Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center

This past spring, Melissa Parks was named the inaugural field experience graduate fellow at the Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center in Lakeview, MT. She spent the summer in Centennial Valley working with director, Mark Bergstrom, to further the Center’s mission concerning environmental education and communication. Way to go, Melissa!!

Trip to the Science History Institute in Philadelphia

Earlier this year, I won a travel grant to visit the Othmer Library of Chemical History at Philadelphia’s Science History Institute. This allowed me to spend the last week in June combing through the library’s tremendous archives and exploring Old Town Philly. This is me taking up residence in the Othmer Library. The archives are…

Health Rhetoric and Social Justice 2018

On September 27, 2018 at the CU Boulder campus I’ll be taking part in the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine Preconference Symposium, which will proceed the 2018 Public Address Conference.  The Preconference will honor Celeste M. Condit for her amazing work in this area (see here for an amazing oral history interview with Dr. Condit)…

The first issue of the new journal, Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, is hot off the press!

Click here to check out the issue’s compelling introduction by journal editors Lisa Meloncon and J. Blake Scott, as well as fantastic articles by Lisa DeTora, Celeste Condit, S. Scott Graham, Mary Lay Schuster, Colleen Derkatch, and more. Below, editor Lisa Meloncon and I coordinate at the 2017 Rhetoric of Health & Medicine Symposium.

I was interviewed for two podcasts that focus on reproductive health and infertility

The first is called Waiting for Babies, and you can listen here! Host Steven Mavros asks great, informed questions, and was such a pleasure to talk with. The second is called Beat Infertility, and you can listen here! Host Heather Huhman has one of the best radio voices I’ve ever heard, and her podcast was…

The Chemical Rhetoric Group Goes to Riverdance!

Melissa Parks and I attended a Riverdance 20th Anniversary Tour performance last weekend.  We plan to integrate what we learned into our research on chemical rhetoric. These dancers are not kidding around. If you look very closely, you will actually see Melissa and I dancing in the cast below.  There we are . . .…

Robin with an E

I found this article today where the author writes that Robin M. Jensen, a professor of theology at Notre Dame, “must be fairly tired of being confused with Robin E. Jensen, a professor at Utah and author of Dirty Words: The Rhetoric of Public Sex Education. Perhaps they both are.”