Robin E. Jensen is Professor of Communication at the University of Utah. She studies historical and contemporary discourses concerning health, science, sex, and gender. Much of her research, to date, focuses on the rhetoric of reproductive health as it plays out in the contexts of public sex education, (in)fertility, HIV/AIDS, and adolescent pregnancy. Her current research trajectory is dedicated to exploring the emergence, uses, and evolutions of chemical rhetoric among diverse disciplinary and lay communities in and over time. She is the author of Infertility: Tracing the History of a Transformative Term (2016; The Penn State University Press), which was awarded the¬†Winans-Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address from the National Communication Association (NCA) and the Outstanding Book Award from the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (OSCLG); and Dirty Words: The Rhetoric of Public Sex Education, 1870-1924 (2010; University of Illinois Press), which won the Health Communication Distinguished Book Award from NCA. Dr. Jensen is also the recipient of NCA’s Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award and the New Investigator Award from NCA’s Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division.

She is currently serving as Rhetoric Society Quarterly‘s Associate Editor for Special Issues, as well as Associate Editor of the new journal Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

She can be seen along with other faculty in the Department of Communication’s rhetoric area performing in this video promoting the graduate program.