The 2019 Alta Argumentation Conference

The University of Utah local-host team did a bang-up job helping make sure the conference went as planned. Our registration table was on-point, if I do say so myself. And a number of students and faculty gave fabulous talks about various aspects of the conference theme on local argument.

Taylor Johnson, Ryan Kor-Sins, and Ben Mann have all the name tags for conference participants ready to go.
Dakota Park-Ozee, Madison Krall, and Ben Mann keep an orderly registration table.
Taylor Johnson, Dakota Park-Uzee, Madison Krall, and Ben Mann hold down the fort.
Melissa Parks delivers her talk on sarcasm and environmental argumentation online.
This little fellow is a Uinta ground squirrel, commonly called a Potgut. Many potguts were quite interested in our goings on at the conference and snuck in the resort to check it out.